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Nai-Li Song 奈莉松 Empty Nai-Li Song 奈莉松

on Sat Mar 30, 2019 8:47 am
Nai-Li Song 奈莉松 DVaf49VW4AIISXD
The Fist of Jingsong
Sinister Seven 3rd Generation
Character image reference: Korra
Created by: Scott
Basic Information:

Full Name: Nai-Li Song
Chinese Translated Name: 奈莉松
Nicknames/Titles: No Nickname
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Race/Homeland: Human |  Jingsong, Chenzhao

Character Appearance:
Hair: Short, chopped brown hair.
Skin: Medium Brown Complexion, Southern Chenzhao native
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'2
Weight: 102lbs
Markings (Scars, Tattoo's etc): Small scar under left eye. Black thick tattoo wrapped around top left arm, band.
Physical Features:
Nai-Li is a small, but strong young woman. She has an athletic build, standing only 5'2 in height. Nai-Li has short chopped black hair,  She wears simple Chenzhao garbs, a light padded vest, and a brown sleeveless top, fitted pants with strapped shoes, exposing her toes.. She wears a black armlet that was given to her from her Master, Master Yi-Showe. She wraps her right wrist and hand with light bandages and her ankles with light brown Chenzhao silk to fasten her ankles.

General Character Info:
Place of Birth: Jingsong, Chenzhao
Group/Guild/Clan affiliation: Jingsong Martial Academy
Enemies: Tsuga Haratana (Since children)
Wealth Status: Wealthy parents, but no wealth personally.

Character Abilities and Proficiency:
Favored Weapon: Tekko(s), infused within her gauntlets.
Weapon Skill: Highly skilled with Tekko, which paired with her Henkaba. She has minor experience in katanas and the staff
Magic Abilities: No Magical Abilities
Magic Strengths: No Magical Strength

Character Backstory & Origins
Nai-Li Song was born in Jingsong, Chenzhao, daughter of Father Fang-Li Song and Mother Yai-Nay Song. Sister to Brother Tai Song.. Her father Fang-Li Song was a well practiced and recognized practitioner and expert in Henkaba, a Chenzhao Martial Arts, and her mother studied medicine in the Southern portions of Chenzhao. At an early age, Nai-Li expressed a great deal of interest in learning the martial art known as Henkaba, though was never allowed to practice and urged to apply her time to academic studies. Her older bother Tai Song was taken into practice by her Father, learning the fundamentals of Henkaba as his father before him, to much of Nai-Li's jealousy, was excelling rapidly. Nai-Li disobeyed her father's wishes, watching them practice from the distance and memorizing the movements they would practice, understanding the stances of Henkaba and her Penkaba (movement practice). Despite much pleading, her father would not budge on the teaching of Henkaba to Nai-Li, to which she grew with frustration and it reflected within her academic studies. Nai-Li would often be in the middle of fights, starting or defending and became a troublesome distraction from other students, to this she would be removed from her studies and sent home. Fang-Li Song felt it best to use this aggression and formulate a method of practice to which she would better mind her manners and mature her brain, he would direct her to practice in the art of Do-Mah, a hardened conditioning meditation technique that all practitioners of Henkaba would endure for the sole purpose of mastering their art. Nai-Li would begin her meditation as instructed, though this proved to be very difficult for the child.

After many attempts, her father would finally break his barring and accept Nai-Li into his school to begin the practice of Henkaba,. Here, Nai-Li expressed great potential, learning quickly and rising to the occasion of every learning opportunity. She would apply every waking hour to training, conditioning and learning the history of Henkaba as though it were her life itself. Her father would often find her hung over training equipment within the morning, a result of her overnight training when others would be sleeping. Nai-Li learned many great skills from her father during her time with the Song Federation School, though was to what many would consider, overly ambitious. She would start challenges with other students, to apply her newly learned techniques and began to dominate those that would practice, to many, a discouragement as they felt they were not learning. After many of the students began to complain of their fellow student, her father felt it best to apply disciplinary action to his daughter. He would provide that in the form of humility. After sending message to a teaching Master at the Jingsong Martial Academy, they would answer in the form of Master Yi-Showe, an expert Henkaba practitioner and friend of Fang-Li Song. He issued a challenge between Master Yi-Showe and Nai-Li, to which Master Yi-Showe had no competition over-matching the young Nai-Li. The students watched and learned of what happens when those reach beyond their position and attempt to excel their training beyond the required pace.

Before her Father was to remove her from the school, Master Yi-Showe intervened, expressing that he seen much potential in the girl and wished to take her as student to the Eastern Jingsong Martial Academy. Nai-Li initially refused, though her father demanded it of her. Nai-Li was relocated to Eastern Jingsong where she would continue the training of Henkaba. It was at the Jingsong Martial Academy that Nai-Li would meet Tsuga Haratana, a fellow student and practitioner of three martial arts. Nai-Li followed her regiment, and began to learn at the academy more than she did at her father's school. Master Yi-Showe wanted to unlock her potential instead of mask it behind patience, he ushered her and awarded her for excelling beyond that of her classmates. He viewed ambition and willfulness to become the best two of the most important traits of Henkaba, though attempted to control her pride, as if that were to fall, rage would surely come.

Master Yi-Showe began enlisting her into local tournaments, to which Nai-Li prevailed, then the stages began to get bigger, as so did Nai-Li's appetite for winning, though what Master Yi-Showe did not see is her inner fire not being quenched, after tournaments she would press Master Yi-Showe to find another tournament immediately, as if she wished she could fight more within the day. To which he would delay her immediate wishes to enlist into fighting rings, and rather held tournaments within the Martial Academy. Nai-Li continued to win, and show great success in Henkaba, to which Tsuga began to question if they were equal within the eyes of Master Yi-Showe. Master Yi-Showe expressed that they were both equal and all students were equal in their attempts to master the art, of which Nai-Li and Tsuga both disagreed. Master Yi-Showe felt it best for them to both get the appetite for who is best out of their system and enlisted them both into the Jingsong State Tournament.

Nai-Li and Tsuga both advanced quickly through the rankings and were at last face to face with one another during the final fight of the tournament. Tsuga remained victorious through the fight and went as far as showing Nai-Li up on her own game. Nai-Li would make a mistake during this match that would send her down the path of losing those that were close to her. Tsuga attempted a strike to Nai-Li's ribcage with a kick, to which Nai-Li reflected with a strong strike to Tsuga's knee, causing him to collapse, and the breakage of his leg. This was viewed as dishonorable, on it's intentionally application of the strike, knowing it would break the leg. The judges and Master Yi-Showe would all turn their backs on Nai-Li as she was seen as too reckless, and now understood what her father seen in her, she may carry the skill of Henkaba, but she did not carry the respect it demanded.

Master Yi-Showe wrote to her father, to which he replied that she shall be sent off on a path of self discovery, for she has inner-demons or challenges she needs to relinquish before she can apply herself once more to Henkaba. Master Yi-Showe sent Nai-Li down the path of the Seabridge to seek out a Master Obaga in Japah for further instruction. Nai-Li left the Jingsong Martial Academy with determination of earning both her master's and father's respect back and bring honor to the Song name.

More to be added as Nai-Li's story progresses
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