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Nanashi the Vagabond Empty Nanashi the Vagabond

on Mon Apr 08, 2019 6:47 pm
Basic Information:

Full Name: ???
Nicknames/Titles: Nanashi
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Race/Homeland: Human/Japah

Character Appearance:
Hair: Platinum
Skin: Pale White
Eyes: Light Violet
Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 178 lbs.
Markings (Scars, Tattoo's etc): Light amount of scars on his body
Physical Features: Nanashi has a lithe, slim figure that holds a toned form from years of intense training and conditioning. Even though he has young features in the face, there shows evidence of where old scars and small injuries had faded over time.

General Character Info:
Place of Birth: A small village in Hiroshie
Group/Guild/Clan affiliation: TBD
Enemies: A number of Bandit Gangs as well as some other Ronin
Wealth Status: Impoverished/Wanderer

Character Abilities and Proficiency:
Favored Weapon: Black Steel-Alloy Kodachi
Weapon Skill Level: Moderate
Miscellaneous Weapons:
-Bo Shuriken
- Jōhyō

Magic Abilities:
1. Main- Irezumi- Irezumi is an ability that Nanashi was given when he was a young boy by warrior priests. They performed a ritual over an ancient bottle of ink, pouring magic into it before marking the boy on the small of his back with the character “墨”. With the Mark now empowered with magic and injecting it into his body, he was given the ability to activate it power and unlock certain dormant seals in his body that allow for a number of different sub abilities. The base form of the mark without activation has given Nanashi heightened reflex, perception, and agility. The mark is unlocked via utilizing 10 different Kuji-Kiri, or hand signs, that activate each seal in his body, although at the moment, Nanashi only knows of the first 3 seals and are able to proficiently use them.
Sub- Chikara “力” is the first of the seals and is activated by a one-handed Kuji-Kiri. The Chikara Seal is the seal of strength, granting Nanashi 5 times the strength and resilience of a normal man.
Sub- Kage de Kakusu “影” is the second of the 9 seals and is activated by a two-handed Kuji-Kiri. The Kage Seal is the seal of concealment, black coloring washing over his skin from his Irezumi mark before completely adding a layer of smoky black aura that allows him to conceal himself in the shadows as well as evade in a black smoke form.
Sub- Kumo no Iki “雲” is the third seal and is activated by a two-handed Kuji-Kiri, but used with one hand. The Kumo Seal is the seal of cloud, the natural toxins within Nanashi’s body being enveloped by the magic of the Irezumi mark and allowing him to breath out the gas in large quantities while transforming the gas to various forms depending on the situation. The gas forms can be Nitric Oxide (which is highly flammable), Concentrated Nitrogen (which can flash freeze objects over the span of a few minutes), Halothane Vapour (which can incapacitate, cause trance-like dizziness, or cause memory loss for foes), and an oxidized Smoke made from potassium nitrate, sodium bicarbonate, and finely ground sugar (which can be used in order to create a smoke bomb affect and conceal a large area without causing physical damage. Because the gases are powered by magical means, Nanashi is immune to their effects.
Sub ???
Sub ???
Sub ???
Sub ???
Sub ???
Sub ???

Magic Proficiency: Low/Novice

Character Backstory & Origins
History/Background: TBD
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