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Reka Salko
Reka Salko
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OC and art owned by me.

High Maiden Priestess
Full Name: Réka Salko レカ
Sex: Female.
Gender identity: Woman.
Race/species: Caucasian, and human.
Age: 23
How old they appear: 16
Mental age: 30
Sibling: Talon Salko
Parents: Mother Chiyo Salko, Father Kichiro Salko
Birthdate: 09/23
Birthplace: Pantheon
Height: 5'0
Weight: 100'
Blood type: o+
Can they bleed?: Yes.
What color is their blood?: Human blood, red.
Eyes: Red and green.  
Eye Marking: She has a red half circle around her eye.
Meaning: She is pure, strong, and blessed by the gods and goddess she warships. You can say it's almost like a good luck charm.
Hair color(s): Blonde.
Hair length: Long.
Hairstyle: Straight. Why?: She keeps it naturally.
Is their hair healthy?: Yes.
How thick?: It's pretty thick.
Body build(slim, muscular, etc.): Slim.
Body shape: Hourglass.
Posture: Very ladylike posture.  
Extra extremities(Another arm, tail, horns etc.): No.
Describe how they walk(Fast, slow, weak step, etc.): She takes her time.
Why do they walk this way?: She was taught to walk this way.
Right/left handed(or ambidextrous perhaps?): Right-handed.
Big hands/small hands/something else?: Small.
Long fingered/short fingered hands?: Short.
Are their nails taken care of(Decently)?: Yes.
Describe their voice: Reka's voice is very gentle, at times it can be hard to hear her from how low her voice can be when she speaks.
Describe an outfit they would wear: Reka's outfit is pretty simple. She normally walks around in a short (Knee length) Red and white Miko kimono with a small white designed at the end.  You'll also see Reka wearing a light  wooden geta sandals that has the same red color as her kimono for the straps of her shoes. You'll find the red string of faith wrapped around her head and shoulder, as well as a sea green Hibiscus  flower in her hair with a small golden bell that jiggles with every step she takes.
Current faith(religion): Tashinku. Are they strong in it?: Very much so.
Do they actively practice it?: Yes.
Do they know?: No. Personal quote and(or) motto: You have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light.
Where they're from: She was born in the Pantheon lands and brought over as a young child to Japah.
Relationships|Marital status: Réka Salko only has eyes for the Gods.
Biggest fears: Hurting the people she cares for the most, which she seems to do more often without meaning too.
How often does this fear take a toll on them?: A lot.
Abilities(As in powers): Nature, using talismans, purifying, hearing and talking to the Gods, and controlling soulstones.
Rate their power on a scale of 1 - 10, 10 being most powerful in all the universe they're in: 7.0
Hobbies: Archery, praying, and practicing the kagura dance.

Character Journal
Growing up I didn't have a normal childhood, at a very young age I was taught to behave in a certain ladylike manner. I was a doll to a higher power that controlled every aspect of my life. From the time I awoke from the time I slept, I was controlled. I was told what to like, what to wear, who to talk to, what I should eat and how I should eat it. I was guarded 24/7 so I didn't have much privacy or even time to myself. Even when getting dressed someone was there to help me as if I couldn't do it myself. I had no say over my own life. Being a child and not able to act like one was the worst. When traveling to the capital I'd look outside the carriage and see children out in the streets having so much fun with their friends. Oh how much I craved for friends or even a single one in that matter. The only friends I ever had were hired to keep me busy and safe so they weren't much fun. Truth be told I could have made a better friend out of a simple house cat. Playing any sort of games were out of the question for they'd always let me win. Playing kickball they'd put no effort into their kick, so the ball went nowhere. I mean I can't blame them for they were forced to like me and scared. If I were to get hurt they would have been sold as slaves to another noble clan along with their family. You can say I was treated like a spoiled rotten Princess around here, which in most eyes I was, and more. I brought hope to the people throughout the land. Saving them from the darkness that took over their soul. Knowing I could rid the world of the evil beings that surround it, made life easier for them. I was treated with much respect all because I was picked to be the high priestess. The life I live belongs to the God's I served. Which having your whole life dedicated to a higher being isn't so bad. The God's picked me to hear their voices, and to see beings those cannot. I could do things that most Miko's couldn't. They could only wish to have the abilities given to me by the ones our lives were given too. When I turned six I was marked with a red crest around my left eye. This was to symbolize that I was pure, and belonged to the God's we worshiped. This marking was to never be washed off and to always remain apart of me. The only person in the temple I adored most was my brother Talon, he was in line to be the next head leader of the Salko Clan just like our father and his father before him. At the age of 13, he had the skills of a true worrier and the smarts to back it up. This was very common in the Salko bloodline. Stories have always been told throughout our clan how the Salko family were always used in battle by the Lordship. The archery skills the Salko's had could amaze most people from afar. Talon, was 15 when he was brought into his first war, he had seen so much bloodshed. Just to fight for an unworthy Emperor who refused to set foot on to the war grounds. To think so many people have died for this man who cared so little for them. I couldn't at the time understand how anyone could ever take orders from a man like him. And sad to say my clan did, and so did my brother who soon turned into his left-hand man. After joining the Lordship's army I didn't see my brother much, it was every so often when he would come home to visit. Talon really was a busy man with guarding and protecting the ones he loved and of course our disparaging Emperor. Not being at the temple all the time, when he'd come home for a few days he would tell me how much he loved and cared for me. I think my brother was the only one that treated me like I was a normal girl. I was his baby sister to him and always will be in his eyes. I can remember the soft touched he'd place on top of my head, along with a smile that brought such light to my eyes. My brother was the best and I loved him dearly. I remember the times he'd sneak me out of the gates for the day just to teach me a few his skills with the bow, and of course some hand to hand combat that our father taught him. He'd also go on about his war stories, and how he was doing everything he could to protect me and the lands of Chunsu. When I grew a bit older the way my brother would sneak me out, became the new way of escaping these abominable walls. I soon found myself wondering the streets of the Chunsu, which was so very lively and different from the temple. Smelling all the different kinds of foods that came out of every restaurant I walked passed, really made me want to try them all. Who knew such wonderful smelling foods existed. Being out here I felt so free like I could do anything. The best part was that no one had any idea who I was. They had no idea that I was from the Salko Clan or that I was named the high priestess. Being out here really showed me how great the city life was. I finally could understand why my brother loved this city so much, and why he wanted to protect the Chunsu with his life. The people were so happy and friendly they really made the Chunsu a wonderful place to be. It didn't take me long to meet my first set of friends. Friends who were real and ones that I made on my own which meant more to me. They couldn't be bought to like me for they already did. Though I wondered why they anyone would want to be my friend. I pondered as to why they would, maybe it was from the robes I wore or that I had blonde hair. It wasn't common for people to have blonde hair in Japan unless they were from the far west. These robes could also have been the reason people have eyed me down they were quite expensive and unusual around here, after all, they were made in the capital. I'm sure they could see I came from money but had no idea that I came from a noble clan. My clothing and accessories really gave me away and I needed to get rid of them the next time I came out of the gates. No normal city girl would be walking around with such fine things, it's like asking to be robbed. The next few days coming back I had taken some yin I with me so that I could treat my friends to dinner and of course, buy normal clothes so that I could blend in. It was the only way I cloud really hide my identity. As the day went on my friends and I ended up meeting up with more of their friends. This was a group they normally hung out with on a daily base. Being the new girl I had no clue who they were and what was going on, so I stuck close to my friend Mimiko. You could say she was my best friend out of the group of girls. Who knew soon I'd be running into a man my heart would cling to. He was the sort of guy that kept to himself and didn't care much for dating. Even, though if he wanted a relationship he could have been in one at any given time. He always had pretty girls chasing after him. Though that was normal for him and his group of friends they were the coolest around, and women normally went nuts for them. More so when they showed off their combat skills in the streets the area would be flooded with girls. I have to admit they were so cool when they fought..even more, him. My friends and I were so lucky for we were the only girls that got to hang out with them, but that's only because my best friend was dating his. Which was somewhat nice because when they'd go on dates they'd drag us along making us be the 3rd will. All because they didn't want to be alone. Yeah, you can call our friend's a**holes I'm sure they know it. Things got weird when they left me and him alone, yeah you can call it awkward. We had no idea what to do or even say to each other. Half the time we just sat there until they came back from doing whatever it was, which I'm sure we all know what it was. Hanging out with him really made my heart race, and every time I'd try to say something it would come out all wrong. I'm sure he thinks I'm stupid because he is known for being brilliant, but nope instead he'd laugh at me which made me feel worst about myself. Forget the part being stupid he thinks I'm a joke. Ah, my luck but that's okay I mean at least I get to sit here and admire him. Most girls would have done just about anything to sit next to him. Being here next to him felt so surreal. I couldn't tell if this was a dream or real life anymore. Getting lost in the moment and in my thought, I wonder. I just wonder if he felt anything for me at all, but how could he? He doesn't even know me or maybe even thinks I'm like the other girls that chase after him. All I know is that I wanted to get closer to him, I wanted to get to know this man that meant so much to me that I knew nothing about. Hanging with him a few more times really brought us close, I didn't know everything about him but more than most which made me feel a bit special. At times he'd tell me more than his own best friend, but that was only because he was busy off with my friend so I was the only one there to listen. Though I'm sure if he really wanted to he could have gone to other friends, so that meant something right? Days passed into months as our bond grew stronger, he and I were inseparable. From the sun up to the sundown we were together. The moments were beautiful as we spent every second together, nothing felt more right than me being here with him. It didn't matter if we had a title to what we had and we didn't need one to be together. All I know is my heart never felt more at home than it did with him. I never wanted to leave his side, it killed me when our days ended. Heading back to the temple for the night really crushed my soul, though it wasn't like I would never be able to see him again. Though time never stops it doesn't last forever for we humans. Every minute is a gift from the Gods. Laying on my soft futon I'd think of him and even some nights dream of him. I'd dream of us laying in the grass by the riverside holding hands while looking up at the sky. Oh how I wanted this dream to come true and who knows maybe it would. The real question I thought about most is did he like me? Maybe it was time to stop questioning my affection and show him how I really felt. If I were to kiss him would he kiss me back? I knew the next time I saw him I'd show him how I felt, even if he didn't feel the same I just had to know. Maybe what I was doing wasn't fair and maybe I'd be forcing myself on to him. The very next day as I woke from my sleep, I was determined to tell the man I thought I loved how I felt. That morning as my help is getting me dressed, an unexpected guest arrives at the Salko Temple. It was one of the Lords of Japah's head samurai Minamoto and a few lower ranks gathering most of the maiden priestess. They'd force them into a wooden carrier with doors that were pulled by two black Friesian horses. Confused as to why they were even here, it wouldn't be long before I heard a loud knock on the sliding doors to my room. As one of my maids would answer the door, it would be Ishida. He was my brother's right hand man. Was I too going to be forced to go along with them? If so where would we be headed and for what reason? My brother served the Lord with nothing but much devotion.  As Ishida makes his way into my room he'd tell the maids to pack a few of my belongings and to grab my bow along with the quiver of arrows. He'd grab my belongings from them before taking my hand leading me out the back way of the Salko Shrine. Bringing me to an old back dirt road with no one around he'd stop in his tracks, before telling me it's not safe here any more, and that it would be smart of me to go on my own, and that I needed to hideout.  Handing me my bag, bow, and quiver. Ishida would also give me a coin purse with a bit of gold before turning back towards the temple without saying another word. Standing there I'd watch him as he'd fade away in the distanced. It was so sudden that I'd have to leave my home and travel on my own, and for what reason? My home was no longer safe, I have no idea why that would be and why the maidens would be taken from our home. Another thing that filled my mind is why would Ishida help me? Was it my brothers doing? Standing pondering I'd hear strange sounds coming from the forest tree's, I wasn't use to being on my own like this. Not wasting another moment I'd begin to walk down this endless dirt road on my own.   
(To be continued)

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