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Rook: The Quiet Guardian Empty Rook: The Quiet Guardian

on Sat Mar 30, 2019 4:52 am
Rook: The Quiet Guardian 01b0b310
Basic Information:

Full Name: Rook, original name "Taisho Sojuro"
Nicknames/Titles: Junk, Sharrif of Sho-Mecca (previous}, The Robot
Gender: Non-Applicable, Meccian.
Age: 44 Years since Initial Build
Race/Homeland: Meccian, Old-Mecca

Character Appearance:
Hair: Not-Applicable
Skin: Metallic, armor built on to chassis, crimson red paint finish.
Eyes: Orange hue 'eyes' placed on front of helmet.
Height: 5'11
Weight: 250 lbs.
Markings (Scars, Tattoo's etc): some tarnish markings on helmet from previous conflicts, though, no distinctive markings on other portions of chassis.
Physical Features:
Rook has a durable, but light-weight build, standing at 5'11 foot tall. Metallic chassis under armor, which has been welded to the chassis itself. Armor is defined as classic Bushido armor, with minor alterations. Armor has been coated with matte crimson red finished, garnished with dark brown / black clothing underneath to not expose the chassis itself.

General Character Info:
Place of Birth: Old-Mecca, Circa 1245NA
Group/Guild/Clan affiliation: Mecco Clan (previous), Fukitsuna Clan (currently)
Enemies: Not Applicable
Wealth Status: 32 Yen on Person

Character Abilities and Proficiency:
Favored Weapon: Ōdachi, though opts with additional katanas (2) two in count.
Weapon Skill: Rook is skilled in both the Ōdachi and Katana, though more primarily skilled in combat with the Ōdachi
Magic Abilities: No magical attributes
Magic Strengths: No magical attributes

Character Backstory & Origins
Rook began life in 1245NA within Old-Mecca during the introduction of the Shogi Initiative. The Shogi Initiative was originally drafted to introduce territorial protectors for each region within the Japah Territory. The Shogunate, Shogunate Doki, agreed with the conceptual idea and moved forward with funding the project to see the life of the Meccian Protectors to be brought to light. Thus the original Shogi were created, King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook and Pawn(s) were completed and created. Each individual Shogi was given a breathe of life with the Soul Stone technology, honored spirits from previous Samurai were placed within Soul Stones to be embedded within the bodies of the Shogi, meant to continue their service with protecting the Shogunate Regime.

The original concept was the protection of the Shogunate, though Shogunate Doki seen an opportunity for individual power growth, utilizing the usage of the Shogi for personal gain, and instructed at the time of creation and 'birth' that they were to kill the surviving Shogunate(s) so that Shogunate Doki could rule over the Territories without resistance, though the plans were discovered the the created Shogi were then re-purposed to carry out the original task. The Shogi were then sent to their governing territories, to start their mission of stopping crime, preventing murders and upholding justice under every circumstance.

Rook was assigned to the North-East portion of Japah, where Fukitara resided. It was during his travels here that he discovered the Gunji Forest, to where many have encountered Oni, Demons and Hallucinations alike. Rook encountered humans traveling within the forest, whom to his understanding were travelers. Rook was requested that he guide them to New-Mecca where they were planning to proceed with a pilgrimage of their religious beliefs, Rook understanding that he was provided a duty, agreed and began the escort of the civilians through the Gunji forest. Due to unfortunate circumstances and attacks the human travelers were killed, but requested that Rook continue the pilgrimage to New-Mecca and bring a staff to the governing leader of New-Mecca. Rook took upon the duty and traveled to New-Mecca to where he became an escort for additional pilgrimage travlers, though was treated as an owned object and was illegally sold to a local gambler during travels. Rook now resides with his current 'Master', known Gambler Yu-Yu, to where he carries out moderate tasks as housework, protecting the gambler and offering enforcement of those that wont pay their gambling debts for Yu-Yu.
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Rook: The Quiet Guardian Empty Re: Rook: The Quiet Guardian

on Sat Mar 30, 2019 4:54 am
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After reviewing the provided character information, your character has been APPROVED by the Moderation Staff and placed in the APPROVED CHARACTERS thread for further viability.
Congratulations, you are now allowed to proceed with role-playing activities on the board.
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