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Isis Nefertiri
Isis Nefertiri
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Isis Thema Nubia Nefertiri Empty Isis Thema Nubia Nefertiri

on Wed May 22, 2019 5:43 pm
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Basic Information:

Full Name: Isis Thema Nubia Nefertiri
Nicknames/Titles: Blade Dancer from those she had worked for or preformed. Though few know her full name she is Neko-ka of which she sometimes is annoyed by to those who see her in her mask.
Gender: Female
Age: 24 - 31/12/1276
Race/Homeland: Human /Aragypt

Physical Features:
Six feet tall and tone, but not over done as she is very flexible and agile. A hennah type tattoos running from the left shoulder down to her left thigh mainly covered by her clothing, rarely seen. Only scar is under her left eye just under an inch long horizontal with a slight lift towards the end. Hazel golden eyes with a deep violet hair colour, length typically just under her shoulders to her back depending on when she eventually cuts it off herself, and sharp facial features with high cheekbones. If she is not wearing her Hijab a large feline skull covers her face.

General Character Info:

Place of Birth: Aragpyt, Ottomah
Group/Guild/Clan affiliation: Not clan Affiliated
Enemies: Bretorian
Wealth Status: Fluctuates as she works here and there for her money. Normally does not steal. At start will be 170yen.

Character Abilities and Proficiency

Favored Weapon:Her father’s Kopesh otherwise her blades without hafts.
Weapon Skill: Low with the Kopesh, Moderate with the blades.
Magic Abilities: Gained through a Twilight Runner, she herself has but dreams that tend to come true but are rare.
Magic Strengths: Moderate

Character Backstory & Origins

At the age of six she would be playing amongst the other wealthier kids in the streets near the temples of her desert city. Something caught her eye within the temple of Anubis a figure looming behind the statues. “Will you be my friend” the eerie voice echoed out to the young Isis, though the other kids kept running seeming to not have heard the person, she waddled over and gladly wrapped her arms around the being her height though pulling back she looked over her hand that were now covered in a shiny metallic substances. “Everyone deserves a friend, my name is Isis Nefertiri. What is yours?” The being tilted it’s head as it remained in the shadow out of sight of anyone but the little girl it spoke, “Meudin”. Giggling Isis replied, “That explains my hands, well come on then let us go play.” “Do you promise to always be my friend and I will be yours to protect?” Stopping she turned and took a hold of the figures hand and smiled, “I promise” From then on the two were bound though at the time Isis was unaware of what had actually happen all she knew is she forever had a friend that no one else could seem to play with. Eight years go by and Isis is now running to her father in a guard tower, “Father, Muedin says they are coming! We must leave now before they invade!” Her father seemed embarrassed that his female child bombarded into his work trying to call out orders, though he pushed her away with displeasure she ran to her mother and told her the same thing. Mother listened but by that point it was too late the Empire had invaded. The mother told her to run and Isis did after great hesitation. Though her parents thought she should get over having an imaginary friend, it saved her that day and many after. Jumping place to place she tagged along with traders and dancers alike. One day she decided to take a job transporting items from a part of Pantheon into Chenzhao. Once arriving the clan they were transporting to were being attacked by other. Isis and Muedin helped greatly in fighting off the enemy clan landing her a higher paying job as a protector. Learning their ways she fell in love with the land and people though someone else wanted to make her their concubine and this made Isis and especially Mudein very uncomfortable making her flee to Japah.
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Isis Thema Nubia Nefertiri Empty Re: Isis Thema Nubia Nefertiri

on Sat May 25, 2019 9:28 pm
After reviewing the provided character information, your character has been APPROVED by the Moderation Staff and placed in the APPROVED CHARACTERS thread for further viability.
Congratulations, you are now allowed to proceed with role-playing activities on the board.
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