ATTENTION! the Fukitsuna official start date has been announced; APRIL 22nd 2019

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Reka Salko
Reka Salko
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on Sun May 05, 2019 1:43 am
Maximus and Joasis Practice Spar  2po3wqp

Maximus calmly walked out from the shadows. The 7' tall armored figure seemed to move with authority. His boot hitting the ground echoed out as the light shined off them first. Soon his leg armor began glowing. Lightly clicking as the knee plates touched his shin guards and the occasional contact with his thigh armor. His chest plate and stomach armor barily moved as he kept a steady pace of breathing. His shoulder armor bounced lightly with each step as he came to a slow stop in between the trees. Reaching up with did one final check on his arm armor. His armored glove running over then, making sure each peice was tight. his little worn Cape blew in the wind as it was attached to his armors shoulder. His armor shined it golden colors as it had just been cleaned. His helmet moving side to side gently as he surveyed the area. His mind on clear and on alert as he deep blue eyes scanned everything behind his helmet. His silver hair matted in his helmet. Knowing if he took it off he'd get "helmet hair". He reached up and tightened down the straps hold on his weapon: "guardian maxima" a sword and shield combined that was given to him at a young age. His war hammers poked past his head as the handles tip glowed in the light as the rest of it spanned down his back. The head of the 40 pound hammer sat behind his left side as the teeth of the hammer looked like a over sized meat tenderizer. Maximus took a moment to drop a knee as he felt his spirt energy activate. His hand beginning to glow a golden hue before it travel up his arms and to his helmet where his eye flashes a bright blue and remained with a dull glow under the darkness of his helmet. His body began glowing before dimming down as his personal shield was now active and ready for combat.

Maximus and Joasis Practice Spar  Rekasa10
Maximus and Joasis Practice Spar  16hw3zq
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