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on Sat May 04, 2019 12:09 am
General information:  
Name: Maximus
Breed: Human
Height: 7’
Weight: 250 pounds (without armor) 400 with armor.
Wealth: well of due to previous guard jobs and forging weapons.

General appearance:
See Armor for his armored look. When maximus isnt armored he will often wear a blue sweatshirt, and bluejeans along with combat boots but will still carry his sword/shield around. He has a large scar on his chest from a previous fight. He has silver slicked back hair along with deep blue eyes that will change red if enraged.

Combat information:
Magic Proficiency: High.
Primary ability: basic shields such as, domes, 8’ by 10’ hard light shields and personal shield. His shield, taking no impacts can remain up for about an hour. But each impact with chip away at his mana. Maximus is able to handle a bolder being thrown at his shield. It will arrest the momentum but shatter the shield. If his shield is broken it will take 7 rounds(42 seconds) for his shield to recover to 3/4ths of its strength. His shields can be transferred to another person but won't be as strong. Used in a pinch to help others.

Secondary ability: Healing: maximus is able to tap into a second smaller mana pool and heal his, or an allies wounds. A near fatal wound can be made into a light wound but would nearly drain all of his mana in that pool if uses on someone else. His healing magic can be boosted by amulets or rings.

Armor: Maximus is a heavy armor user. Barily ever out of his armor he has grown very used to it. The plating is nearly a half inch think in most places and the mesh suit under the armor makes his lightly fire resistant. His armor is gold plated with some etchings to give him a royal guard look. His helmet allows him to clearly see in front of him but cuts off his peripheral vision. His helmet also containing horns and a symbol of light that can be enchant by another user to provide different effects. He is Capable of being blindsided. His joint can also be exposed if in certain positions such as over head swings.

Weapons: Maximus weapons usually consist of his classic sword/shield weapon along with a war hammer on his back.

Primary: His shield is comprised of nearly 1 inch thick steel along with a reinforced ring helping to hold the blade in. The blade is 11 ply pressed steel.

Secondary: The hammer on his back weighs nearly 40 pounds and maximus is capable of swinging it with ease. Maximus is able to strike with such power to create small craters in the ground. But if done several times it can exhaust him.

Sub ability: Illumination: Maximus is able to create light with his magic and able to illuminate a 20 foot radius for upwards of 14 rounds. (1 minute 24 seconds.) before requiring 3 rounds to cooldown. (18 seconds.) Or cast a orb of light that will follow him or another around. Capable of  Illuminating a 10 foot section around it and will last for 10 rounds (1minute)and require 4 rounds to cool down (24 seconds)

Sub ability: Maximus to adept at using the forge to create armor, weapons, and some magical items. The better quality item needed the longer it will take to forge and better materials will be needed.

Sub Ability: Aura of courage: (not unlocked) Maximus has a passive ability to inspire others to face fear. People around him have described “A boost in courage” Maximus, while not able to completely block up fear based attacks, can resist them highly and help others resist them too. His aura affects people in a 15 foot radius around him. If maximus is overcome by fear the aura can be reversed to make others fearful
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on Sat May 04, 2019 12:24 am
After reviewing the provided character information, your character has been APPROVED by the Moderation Staff and placed in the APPROVED CHARACTERS thread for further viability.
Congratulations, you are now allowed to proceed with role-playing activities on the board.

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