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Fukitsuna Guide: PvP Tiers and Belt System (WIP) Empty Fukitsuna Guide: PvP Tiers and Belt System (WIP)

on Sun Apr 21, 2019 10:59 am


With any roleplaying forum, client or message system, you will typically find a Player-versus-Player section to where members may fight among themselves in rule driven combat. This can be either competitively or just for fun, depending on the circumstances, level of play and the agreement between both combatants. Fukitsuna does not shy away from honest challenges or neglect the essence of player-versus-player importance with roleplaying environments. Though, that being said, Fukitsuna does take it's time with PvP and has developed a system of how the player versus player operations will be managed, ranked and overall moderated with fairness.

Fukitsuna has broken down it's PvP to a manageable system, introducing tiers, belt ranks and league Sensei. All these factors will help bring a better PvP experience to players, easy management from the moderation team and ensures that all parties will have an easy, easy to experience and participate system that everyone can benefit from!

So let's get into the details of a few of these systems and see how they affect you if you decide to participate within PvP here on the Fukitsuna Roleplaying Forum.

Player-versus-Player Tiers

As mentioned above, Fukitsuna has established Tiers to separate fighters depending on their writing skills, previous PvP experience, combat effectiveness and overall roleplaying knowledge. The reason for separating particular members from one another and to bring forth the tiers is to have a balanced system between all fighters. This will ensure that a veteran of PvP will not be matched up to face someone who would potentially be participating in their first PvP experience ever. So to prevent the crossing of two differently able PvP members, the tiers have been strictly assigned. Let's discuss more in detail on each league and tier individually.

The Beginner League

The Beginner League is established to house the members that have first stepped into the world of PvP, whether it be from lack of experience and wanting to get into the scene, or that they have never had an opportunity and would like to learn, there can be several different reasons as to why they would be placed in this league.
Everyone will start with The Beginner League, as it serves as a stepping stone and more of a learning league than a competitive league. While beginner league will have a competitive tournament to showcase their fighting skills and possibly earn a promotion to the next league, it is within it's own right, a learning league.

Some of the useful elements to the beginner league is a strong sense of member interaction, there will be a more open connectability with the Beginner League Sensei that is designated to provide members feedback on their PvP fights, provide tips and tricks to how they posted and generally supply information on how to advance within the next bracket or tier rank.

Beginner League Pros

  • Easy Fight Scheduling
  • Provided Feedback and Guided Reports
  • Fastest Promotion Ratio of each league
  • Not as competitive as each league

There are some cons to the beginner league as well that we have to understand

Beginner League Cons

  • Lowest Yen income of each league
  • Have to show progress to advance
  • tournament winnings low
  • Unable to compete in Advanced League or Master League tournaments or PvP fights.

Along with the Beginner League tier within the fukitsuna roleplaying game, we also utilize belt progression to show the advancement and progress of each individual member of each individual tier. The belts are there to show that members are making a step forward with their rankings and allow them to advanced within each league before advancing to another league entirely.

The Beginner Belt structure is as follows;

Fukitsuna Guide: PvP Tiers and Belt System (WIP) 55px-Judo_white_belt.svg The White Belt this is the first default rank that each PvP Member will receive upon their first PvP fight or entry into the PvP roster here on Fukitsuna. This belt is the first belt that the Tier System introduces to each member, can be earned in the Beginner League bracket only, and will be relinquished upon entering the Advanced League or advancing to the next belt rank.

Fukitsuna Guide: PvP Tiers and Belt System (WIP) 55px-Judo_light_blue_belt.svg The Cyan Belt this is the second belt rank that each PvP Member can be placed or earned within the Beginner League. This belt is the second awarded/earned belt after the white belt, and can only be earned in the Beginner League bracket only, and will be relinquished upon entering the Advanced League or advancing to the next belt rank.

Fukitsuna Guide: PvP Tiers and Belt System (WIP) 55px-Judo_blue_belt.svg The Blue Belt this is the third belt that is awarded to each PvP member that can be earned/awarded within the Beginner LEague. This belt is the last available belt within the Beginner League bracket and will be relinquished upon entering the Advanced league or obtaining and holding the Beginner League Championship Belt (Bronze Belt)
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