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Lee Jun-Fan
Lee Jun-Fan
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Tenderfoot LV 0-2
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on Sun Apr 07, 2019 6:07 pm
Basic Information:

Full Name: Lee Jun-Fan
Nicknames/Titles: Master of Cheng Kun
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Race/Homeland: Chenzhao

Character Appearance:
Hair: Med-Long Black held in a top knot
Skin: Moderately Tanned Skin
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 174lbs
Markings (Scars, Tattoo's etc): Multiple torso and limb scars
Physical Features: Small to Mid sized Frame, Tone muscle. Red silk clothing trimmed in gold fabric. Leather armor with bronze plating.

General Character Info:
Place of Birth: Hojo, Chenzhao
Group/Guild/Clan affiliation: No Clan Affiliation
Enemies: None
Wealth Status: Lower class

Character Abilities and Proficiency:
Favored Weapon: Soulstone infused Jian Breeze Sword (Sword of Taiyang Long)
Weapon Skill: Proficient use of Chenzhao Sword, Chenzhao polearms, and Chenzhao rope weapons, Chenzhao throw/bow weapons, Chenzhao
Magic Abilities: Light based Chi martial arts
Magic Strengths: Light Manipulation. Light Solidification, Light Production

Character Backstory & Origins
History/Background: From the age of 11 to 23 he trained under the guidance of the Cheng Kun Grand Masters learning the 7 fundamental arts. He travels the Nation up until his final test in Hojo in which he roamed the lands traveling west until reaching the sea bridge. For the years after his martial arts mastery he has taken up learning the art of Ti Qing through the master in which resides in the soulstone embedded in his sword. His residency is currently within Japah, he is trying to get back to Chenzhao but language barriers of Cheng to Japah prove difficult for Li Ming to communicate his inquiry on getting home.

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Master Lee Jun-Fan Empty Re: Master Lee Jun-Fan

on Mon Apr 08, 2019 4:48 pm
After reviewing the provided character information, your character has been APPROVED by the Moderation Staff and placed in the APPROVED CHARACTERS thread for further viability. 
Congratulations, you are now allowed to proceed with role-playing activities on the board.
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