ATTENTION! the Fukitsuna official start date has been announced; APRIL 22nd 2019

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General Rules (WIP) Empty General Rules (WIP)

on Sun Apr 07, 2019 1:48 pm
1: Respect everyone inside the Fukitsuna.
2: Please leave your real life outside the forum and discord. If you'd like to vent to a member about a real-life situation, please do so in another chat. The Fukitsuna roleplay will be taken seriously, while also allowing us to have fun. Anything negative in the group will be erased by one of the staff members. \par
3: Stay active and true to your role in the story.
4: If you have any ideas for the roleplay, please bring them forward. We'd love to hear them!
5: You must roleplay at least a few times a week. If you are busy or will be away for a while let one of the staff members know! That way we can work around your character, or have a fill in.\par
6: Before joining the story you will be asked to create a character sheet. This will help everyone understand your character better, as to who they are. Along with making sure no one is bringing an overpowered character into the story. When you post your character sheet on the forum, it will be reviewed within 24 hours. So, please check the next day if it has passed! If not one of our staff members will contact you, letting you know it has been reviewed. It's best to check it out just in case it wasn't passed. The review will tell you what you need to correct. You can also ask a staff member to help you out with it if need be.\par
7: Only T-1 Paragraph roleplayers may join the main story. Meaning you will have to write five sentences or more. If you are not a T-1 paragraph roleplay, that's alright. We will have something set up for you as well to learn. \par
8: You must speak proper English and be a decent writer. Spelling and grammar errors are okay to make as long as we are able to understand what you are writing. \par
9: Please do not go off track with the story, if you do you will be removed from the story and your writing will be deleted.
10: All members post in turns, clockwise.
11: You can be more than one character, as long as you are able to handle it.
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