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The Roleplaying Rules Empty The Roleplaying Rules

on Sun Apr 07, 2019 1:46 pm
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I. I have the right to choose who I roleplay with. 
II. I have the right to control my own character's actions. 
lII. I have the right to control over my character's development and nature. No one may alter my character's biography without my permission. 
IV. If my character dies permanently, I have the right to create another character. 
V. I have the right to refuse any role-play that makes me uncomfortable, especially sexual or strongly violent role-play, without negative consequences on my character or myself. 
VI. I have a right to my own opinion, and the right to voice it in a reasonable non-offensive manner that will not be the subject of flaming or bullying. 
VII. I have the right to be excused from role play for real life obligations. 
VIII. My character may serve a leader In-Character, but Out-of-Character I am a player and I have the right to be autonomous and treated with respect. 
IX: I have a right to not participate in meta-gaming, god-modding, or other negative roleplay habits that are disruptive to the community. 
X: I have the right to own my own creations and ideas. 
XI: I have the right to ask for a recon of cannon role-play if I make a mistake or error due to an Out-of-character/Real Life Influence.

1) We are roleplayers, post in turns. 
2) All attacks are attempted; you do not post attacking and connecting in the same turn. Attempting and connecting in the same turn is an auto. 
3) An interrupt is where Person A reacts before the end of Person B's turn. As an example, Person B might draw his sword, curse, and then run across thirty feet before stopping, jumping, and swinging his sword at Person A's neck. In response, Person A would post drawing his sword and charging at Person B as Person B is running, therefore rendering the neck strike (in that form) having never happened. Interrupts are often regarded as the backbone of melee. 
4) A hypothetical is where Person A posts that, should Person A dodge to the West, he will bring his sword across: a hypothetical is a follow-up, a move that will happen if one or more conditions are met. Hypothetical imply forethought, so they can be considered planned moves IC (In character), and therefore do not demand the same conscious considering that would otherwise be demanded; also, hypothetical might account for where a given attack would land if such and such defense were performed, like having a thrust to the stomach being displaced to the neck if the foe ducks.
5) Both interrupts and hypothetical, and, indeed, all elements of T1 must be logical or else cannot happen; if you're interrupting a nearly split-second move, for instance, as you're looking the other way and engaged in some other motion, you won't succeed. Likewise, if your hypothetical is that your 140-pound ax will be swung left into the ribs if it's potent downward blow is evaded, and your enemy is nimble and simply ran to the side at the "last moment," you naturally won't hit him.
6) Meta-gaming is when you use OOC ((Out of character)) information - or information your character does not have - in a fight, bestowing him that information. It can also be posting your character, after a duel is agreed on and a random room made, somehow having placed explosives exactly where your adversary is standing after he posts. An auto, too, but it can very likewise fall under the "meta-gaming" header. 
7) If we post in turns, and there are three of us, and Person 1 preps thrice over the course of 3 rotations whereas Person 3 preps once over the course of 3 rotations, and these two engage in that Person 1 casts a fireball at Person 3 and Person 3 defends with a dispel, the fireball overpowers the dispel and continues on.
Those new to the form of T1, it is a common logic way of text fighting. Even though it is based on the imagination, logic in life still exists within the T1. Respect, Honor, Trust are all key points needed communication is most important when dealing the starting posts in the T1.\} 

T1 is a multi-style way of fighting that has been in RP longer then I have been around. First, you have different types:
T1 RM=T1 Realistic Melee. This is the style that is human against human. With real-life limitations. \{e.g. Human capabilities of running, jumping, reaction-time, body integrity, vision. etc.\} 
Ex: Street fighting.
T1 UM=T1 Unrealistic Melee. This is Style that is an above average human against human that is capable of using things such as magic, sorcery, Vampire, Werewolf. 
Ex: Underworld.
T1 MP=T1 Moderate Powers. This is the Style that is commonly used now as a more realistic look towards T1 PC. The characters that have special powers, just not ones that have a power that is capable of destroying an entire planet. Powers such as elemental abilities are acceptable, but if there is a power that is capable of using all elements you must keep that power in moderate use. 
Ex: Bleach, and Naruto.

T1 PC=T1 Power Characters This style is the most difficult of them all to learn. The complexity of the characters abilities and powers are what get them called "God Modders". The depth put into one character, with the powers, abilities explanations of terrain, dimension, sub-abilities, character background and traits will lead an inexperienced opponent to believe there is invincibility about the character. 

T1 OP=T1 Overpower Characters. (Also known to be God-mod.) 
In roleplaying, this means that a player uses cheap tricks in order to win a battle. It is Known as OP for short and is used by many anime roleplayers who takes the role of Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball Z (hence the facts that Saiyan could destroy mountains and cities with a beam and saint Saiyan characters can't be hit twice by the same tech/spell/Jutsu, for example) and most, Hellsing and elfen lied based characters, and uses their 10th sense, vectors, and goes to a monster transformation to enter god mode in all around based battle RPGs. 

\{The first posting their intro CAN NOT state an attack. The second to post their intro is advised not to attack their intro, but have that choice to do so anyway!\} 

1. You have to post what your character looks like. \{e.g. Clothing, hair color and style, skin color, eye color, height, weight \{optional\}, and any armor.\} 
2. You have to post what the area is that you and your opponent are going to fight in or are in. \{e.g. Weather, time of day, type of terrain.\} 
3. You have to post what type of weapons, powers, abilities, and traits your character is going to use in the fight. 
4. If you are posting your intro first, do not state where your opponent is, what they are doing, or where they are to begin, until they state otherwise in their post after. 
5. Your character and Only your character is what you are narrating.
Reminder: The reason for T1 is to test yourself against others and make them believe they have been beaten by your character/skill.
T1 Style restrictions: 
If the one being challenged requests a specific Style, the one challenge needs to either abide by the request or decline the challenge. If accepted, their character has to stay within the restrictions of the Style being stated. 
T1RM: Absolutely no powers, mystic weaponry, no spells, no heightened abilities outside of normal abilities. 
Ex: Sight\{10ft to see clearly\},Speed\{30mph tops\},Reaction time\{1.5 seconds +\} 
T1UM: Only slight abilities are heightened. No chakra, energy, or spirit force abilities. 
Acceptable abilities: Heightened strength\{100 body builders\}, speed\{50mph and lower\}, sight\{1-2 mile distance\}, reaction time\{10-15 seconds\}, hearing\{Slight air ripples\}, smell\{220 million smell receptors=Hound Dog\}, and knowledge\{Slight whereabouts of foe\}.
T1MP: No powers capable of destroying entire planets galaxies or multi-verse. Energy/Chakra based attacks and combos. Basic abilities of energy and powers are acceptable. All elemental control is acceptable as long as there is one to two elements being used at one time. You can not use all the elements in one massive attack!

Step One: T1 Intro Information and Precautions 
Organization and character knowledge are the first steps in becoming a good T1 roleplayer. Not only do you need a good imagination, but a good memory also. As long as you can create an easy, but a skillful character you won't have to rely on pre-written posts. The more you practice with writing up an intro and attacks, the better your posts will get. This is the hardest part of getting started with a developing character. 

1. You can write down your powers in the Note Pad, Word Processor, or Word Pad to get a visual of your characters powers, traits, weapons and even looks. To begin your organization and memorization of your characters attributes. 

2. Challenge yourself with how you post. Do not overuse the "He would" "Would be" and the main word "Would" (Commonly used the word, and word combination by beginners that have the mindset on what they want to say, but are limited on the vocabulary to explain it).
3. Remember the key ingredients in the T1 intro "soup". You have to explain your powers, traits, weapons, looks, actions, surroundings, and dialogue. This is giving your opponent the respect of telling them what you are going to use in your "Attacking posts" so there is no confusion or outside source of power coming unexpectedly. For your safety and honor, informing them of these attributes, you can tell your opponent about your character fully and still be able to defeat them in the end. Creativity and combos will be the breaking points between a win and a loss. 

4. The major rule and idea you should always keep in mind are always using common Logic and Respect in your posts. If you know you have been beaten, you are to still try; but know this if there is not enough information telling about what you did or how you did it, your post can be voided and the match will either end or you will have to re-do the post if asked.
One more thing you must remember. If you are challenged to a T1 by someone, you have the right to request a certain type of Style of T1 to fight in. This is put so you and your opponent are on an even playing field. This will also keep from, for example, A DBZ character fighting a Vampire character. The gap in powers is the way too broad to be fair for the Vampire type character. The different type/Styles of T1 are in our bulletins titled "Improved Rules/Guidelines for T1". that bulletin is a mandatory read for any newcomer.
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