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Reka Salko
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Character Sheet
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on Fri Apr 05, 2019 12:02 am
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Basic Information:

Character role: OPEN.
If you are interested in using Talon, please leave a comment below.

Full Name: Talon Salko.
Nicknames/Titles: Lord Salko.
Gender: Male
Age: 28 years old, born on December 5th.
Race/Homeland: Human/Chunsu, Japah.

Character Appearance:
Hair: Mauve purple along with a single piece of red on the left side of his bangs.
Skin: Pale.
Eyes: White.
Height: 5'10
Weight: 136
Markings (Scars, Tattoo's, etc): Yes, Talon does have two tribal tattoos that run from both of his shoulders to his chest, and half his arms.
Physical Features: Talon is a well-built man, who stands about 5'10 and weights 136 lbs. You'll find Talon wearing a lightweight black full-zip stand collar jacket, along with black and red qiyun z men's Boho Harem Hakama pants. He walks around in a pair of dark wooden geta with black straps.  You'll find that his ears are gauged to a size 00.  Though Talon might have white eyes, you might believe him to be blind but his vision is a perfect 20/20.  

General Character Info:
Place of Birth: Chunsu, Japah.
Group/Guild/Clan affiliation: Salko Clan.
Enemies: Ton.
Wealth Status: His clan is pretty wealthy.

Character Abilities and Proficiency:
Favored Weapon: Short blade.
Weapon Skill:   Though yes the short blade is Talon's favorite choice of weapon it is not the only weapon he is skilled to use. He was also taught archery and is known to be the best within his clan.
Magic Abilities: None.
Magic Strengths: None.

Character Backstory & Origins
History/Background: Talon's childhood was far from normal, his mother Chiyo was the High Priestess of the Salko Clan, she was kept away from her only child after the day he was born unwed. Being from a very religious clan it was forbidden to even touch the high priestess or even to be intimate with her. The relation between his father and mother was kept a secret between the two, the elders of the clan, and a few guards and handmaids. They were the only ones as well who knew of Talon's birth mother. Most within the clan thought his mother was a handmaid who passed away shortly after giving birth to him. His father Kichiro was the one who raised Talon and brought him up to the man that he is today. His father Kichiro was strict since the day he was able to wield a sword.  He was taught many traits of a warrior and a leader.  Practicing before the sun rises and even after it sets, his hands bled and his body sweat he was trained to be the perfect warrior for the Salko Clan and a leader in a making.  The day he became a man was the day he was sent off to his first battle to protect the Emperor of Japah. His father at his side they fought against so many worthy samurai, and those from the western continent.  So many lives lost. Talon and his father Kichiro would raid the enemies ships without a second thought. Taking down any and all down who stood in their way. This was a battle between life and death and well they weren't going to give up their life so easily.   On one of the ships, Talon would come across an unusual child with golden hair and eyes that were rare colors.  She couldn't be older than three, and what use would his father or him have to kill an innocent child that of a young woman.  Even if it meant going against all that stood to be a warrior, they'd take the child to only raise her as one of their own.  After Talon and his father returned from a successful won battle, they'd introduce the young child to their clan.   She would be known as Kichiro's adopted daughter and Talon's new younger sister.  Having so much to juggle he'd continue his training even after coming back from his first war, but this time he'd take care of his newly found sister.  Teaching her to write, and speak their language would be the most difficult. After all, she came from an unknown western land but even no matter how hard it was he still enjoyed it very much. The loneliness he always felt was gone. Now he had something truly to protect other than his clan.  Though as much as he loved his days spending time with his younger sister it wouldn't last long before the elders of the clan would find a spot for his new sister. She'd be in training to take the place of Chiyo, who had come down with a rather deadly illness that would take her life a short year later.  (TO BE CONTINUED)

Talon Salko タロン  Alkp08

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on Fri Apr 05, 2019 8:25 pm
After reviewing the provided character information, your character has been APPROVED by the Moderation Staff and placed in the APPROVED CHARACTERS thread for further viability. 
Congratulations, you are now allowed to proceed with role-playing activities on the board.
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