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Tsuga Sun-Feng Empty Tsuga Sun-Feng

on Tue Apr 02, 2019 12:46 am
Tsuga Sun-Feng Title410
Basic Information: 
Full Name: Tsuga Sun-Feng 
Nicknames/Titles: Tsu-Tsu (siblings) 
Gender: Male 
Age: 18 
Race/Homeland: Human | Sen-Phun 

Character Appearance: 
Hair: Jet black hair, long that is tied into a ponytail, elongated on each side of his head.  
Skin: Very light complexion, though pale. 
Eyes: Dark Blue in color 
Height: 5'8 
Weight: 125 lbs 
Markings (Scars, Tattoo's etc): No particular markings or tattoos. 

Physical Features: Tsuga stands at a height of 5'8, at one-hundred and twenty-five pounds. Tsuga has a slim build, while physically capable, mostly built with lean muscle. Tsuga wears a leather adorned chassis armor over his chest, sleeveless. He wears a dark blue tunic underneath his chest armor that fits tightly to his arms and goes up to his neck as though a turtleneck. He wears bracers on his forearms that are the same design to his chest armor (see reference picture above) he wears two crimson sashes tied around his waist and fitted pants with normal leather boots.

General Character Info: 
Place of Birth: Sen-Phun, Chenzhao 
Group/Guild/Clan affiliation: Sen-Phun Martial Arts School (Master Shing) 
Enemies: No current enemies 
Wealth Status: As a small worker within a restaurant, his wealth status is considered low. 

Character Abilities and Proficiency:  
Favored Weapon: Tsuga's preferred weapon is the katana, traditional training. 
Weapon Skill: Tsuga has shown moderate ability with the bostaff, katana and bansho. 
Magic Abilities: Tsuga has no magical attributes 
Magic Strengths: No magical attributes 

Character Backstory & Origins 
Tsuga Sun-Feng was born in Sen-Phun, Chenzhao, son of Father Mang Sun-Feng and Mother Chiq Sun-Feng. He was an only child born on 1282 NA, within a small infirmary room. His mother passed away during the delivery of the child, due to natural causes. His father Mang was a previous academic military guide within Sen-Phun, ushering a practice of Kai-Li-Fo and Yu Shii, though not the greatest to be skilled at such arts, he was a long time practitioner and pioneered it's reverence within Sen-Phun during his younger ages. Tsuga took to this training at an early age, at much consideration of his Father's wishes of his future career with the Academic Militia. Tsuga studied under his father for a short term until his consenting age of fourteen to present himself before the Sen-Phun academy to be versitile to the training that was obtained there. He had developed strong skills with dual wielded weaponry, honing his body to study and that of the ways of Kai-Li-Fo and Yu Shii. It was a later point of his training that he was sent to travel to the South-East portions of Chenzhao to further his martial training of Henkaba. It was at this time of meeting Nai-Li during a tournament that was being held to show the sport of martial art and it's effectiveness of it's students to face off with one another. Tsuga faced off against Nai-Li and had ultimately won the competition, to where he would continue to study beside her. While they were friends, there was a strong sense of competition between the two of the students. Tsuga soon left the training after the incident at the academy that broke out a fight between the two students, to where he was sent back to his homeland of Sen-Phun under orders of his father. It was there that he would continue his military training until the present day in the Fukitsuna Story.
Tsuga has traveled to Japah to seek out Nai-Li under her father's wishes. Knowing that the two were close to friends, he would be able to find the girl and bring her back home to attend her ill father in his current health crisis.
It was at this mission that he traversed the sea bridge in attempts to locate Nai-Li.

More information will be available upon furthering the story
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