ATTENTION! the Fukitsuna official start date has been announced; APRIL 22nd 2019

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The Shaman Tags (WIP) Empty The Shaman Tags (WIP)

on Mon Apr 01, 2019 8:01 pm
We have long thought of ways that our combat can be utterly balanced, and each time we have come up with a strategic, systematic way for this to be possible within a role-playing atmosphere. Where there is gaps of writing and role-playing skills, there will always be unbalance within the field of which the role-players are playing, though with that being said, this is the sole reason that these system are placed in order. This is designed to give each member that participates within the role-playing game to have an equal, completely balanced combat system so that all may stand a chance, no matter who they happen to be facing at that time.

With our standard combat balance system, you have a circular chart that shows the balance of each character arch-type. I have taken the time to show the balanced system below so that you may better familiarize yourself with the balance that is between the three core-classes in Fukitsuna RP. 

The Shaman Tags (WIP) QvSawsshLgxGZ6kb8LgGTG0hs6r1fww1NFMLB8iI4B2CMSLQ_WWzILSq-GUEeJvnlujYxdlSL-uThilgPlT1tue2yIcZrx5Fp3lg3G-PJVwK42VSoTeVkCRHzvlwSLwB0Bnf4MTL

As you can see with the chart, that the balanced combat system is designed for the three arc-types.
Meccians, Martial Characters and Power Users. The original installment of the first role-playing forum had only these three archtypes, but as the role-playing world progresses, so does the characters that participate within the role-playing game itself.

Let us go over this chart before moving on with the recent addition to the balanced combat system.

Let us start with Martial Characters, they have two opposing character archetypes, Power Characters and Meccian Characters. The Martial Characters balance to Mecca Characters by means of implementing equipment, soulstone technology, and various martial arts to balance combat with robotic characters.
Martial Characters balance with Power Characters in the means of Martial Characters, implement Ti-Qing (spirituality energy) for power based attacks, movements and abilities. Power users balance this with their natural ability.

Secondly, there are Power Characters. In previous installments Power Characters had no limits on their powers that can be used, though with this installment of fukitsuna, we are dumbing down the powers so much more than previous forums. While magical attributes are still allowed, they will be tame in comparison to previous forums. They will be light spell attacks and very light elemental power usage, unless pairing with a talisman, you can find more on talismans here.
Power Characters balance with Meccian Characters through means of natural abilities, which counter balances both meccians and martial characters through these naturally blessed means.

Thirdly, we have Meccian Characters, robotic constructs that operate with soulstone technology. Meccian characters counter balance martial characters through means of special builds, enhancements and build abilities. Meccians counter balance Power Characters through means of ability given access by the soulstone technology.

Thus, the balanced combat system.

Now what we are introducing here for this thread is what we consider "Non-Combat Characters" which could take the form of Shamans, Priestess, Priests, Pilgrimage Magi and so on so forth. Those that are devout through clan ritual or religious sacrament. These characters, while some can be trained in particular abilities, to their core are Non-Combat Characters. Now with Non-Combat Characters, there is no balance of combat given their nature. Though with the new addition of Shaman Tags, these founded Non-Combat Characters can balance with the other three character types.

Let us move on with some information ion what the Shaman Tags do.
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