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Clan Handbook & Guide (WIP) Empty Clan Handbook & Guide (WIP)

on Mon Apr 01, 2019 3:58 am
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Hello everyone, the point of this topic today is to go over the fundamentals of clan creation and management, even providing some information in regards to how to join a clan and the gist of how it operates. There are several factors, both in management and joining a clan that it would require some know-how information before jumping right into the applications and hoping for the best. We are striving to inform our members 100% so that there is little confusion when role-playing or navigating our role-playing forum. The clan system is something of a secondary-importance within the forum as far as operational methods go, though within the story, Clans play a heavy part within the entirety of the story, though we will get to that information shortly.

We wanted to cover the why reasons as to why the clans were added as a functional system within the role-play so that members are informed of the reasons they will be seeing it and probably poked with a stick until they are joined.
The clan system is to inspire member involvement within the forum, thus increasing productivity, post activity and overall immersion within the role-play of Fukitsuna. We felt it best to add, and to give our members a little extra to do here aside provide excellent literature in the means of role-playing. So without further hesitation, let us get to the guide and get you started on your clan adventures within Fukitsuna Role-Playing Forum.

Special thanks to the following members for their support with the clan development:
Aaron Havoc, Reka Salko and Li-Ming, thank you for your support and inspirational ideas to make this possible.

The Clan System

The addition of clans is an important part of the forum operations as much as the role-playing game itself, a game, within a game that will require strategic planning, fund management and member satisfaction. Now management and joining a clan are separate concerns as well as how it works, so within this guide you will have two sets, one of how to manage a clan, second, how to join and fill a role within a clan. Before we get started on how a clan is made for management, and how to join, let's go over some general information of clans before we get to that information.
Lets start with some general questions about clans and what they will do

What can clans do?
Clans have a variety of options within the forum, ranging from Clan Battles, Clan Missions, Clan Wars, Clan Seizing, Clan Tournaments and much much more, now each of these options will be placed within separate threads here within the forum. How these operations will work as follows;

Clan Battles > clans will have the option to battle one another, whether it be for bad relationships (rivalries will be set between clans, including lore and information in spirit of the competition). Battles can be between individual members, a group of members, or entire clans (though when the entirety of the clan participates, that might result in a Clan War, rather than a Clan Battle). With each battle, clan members can be seized, killed, loot taken or Yen in exchange for prisoners, or captured clan members, or just from the battlefield itself.

Clan Missions > clans will have the options to establish their own missions, whether it be covert operations to get information on other clans, village missions, where they can take territories or bribe village leaders, city invasions, or general story based missions that can be or chosen not to interact with other clans (this is mostly for history and lore building for the clan itself) Clan missions will be rewarded with experience, both for members and clans, as well as general funding for the clan itself.

Clan Wars > clan wars are very similar to Clan Battles, though these will hold stricter restrictions and penalties for each participating clan (if they are to lose their war with the other clan). Clans will probably have a few battles before a war can be established between two clans. The importance of the Clan Wars is to show the dominance of an individual clan, as well as advancement within the Clan Leaderboards, both for glory and funding for your clan or the clan you participate within. Wars can result in lose of clan members (temporarily) and in some extreme cases, the lose of a clan entirely! Now if your clan is to lose the war, it is to be at the result and choice of the clan that won, whether to release your clan or utilize your resources for future endeavors.

Clan Tournaments > tournaments can be held between clans in a friendly means, which means, they do not have to kill each other, but rather inspires cooperation between clans between one another to have some fun, show some competitive spirit and start building clan relationships (never know when you are going to have to call in reinforcements)

What else do clans do?
Clans do more than battle or cooperate with one another. Clans will have management responsibilities as well. Running a clan isn't a simple process, nor is it an overly complicated process either. Now most of the management responsibilities will fall on the shoulders of the leaders and co-leaders of the clan. Before we get into how the operations work between both leaders, let's go over some of the clan options that will be available to them. Clans will be able to have Custom Clan Threads, Access to the Clan Shop, Clan Headquarters, Clan Base Building, and much more.

Custom Clan Threads > it goes without saying that clans will get their own threads, titled with their clan name. Custom clan threads, will host the threads for the clan itself, hosting their headquarters, base of operations, fund management, training grounds and much more.

Access to the Clan Shop > The Clan Shop, much different than the Member Shop here on the forum. The Clan Shop has options for clans to buy items, boosts and protections for their clan for several different reasons. The clan shop can be access by all those associated with clans, though most of the spending will be conducted by the leader and the co-leader, as the funds will be them for utilize individually.

Clan Headquarters > clan headquarters will be thread within your clan's custom thread. The clan headquarters will play host to OOC planning as well as IC role-playing instances.

Clan Base Building > the clan base building process is diverse and stacked. There will be separate tiers placed of each base building process. Bases can be built all across Japah and Chenzhao (non-canon) to spread the work of the clans. Bases will require yen to purchase, build and supply material. Each base can become a source of revenue for the clan, as well as map dominance for the clan itself. Building will be a cost for labor, time and resources from the clan itself, with no resources, you cannot build more bases. You can find more information on this within The Clan Shop.

What are the ranks of the clans and how is the hierarchy? (Chain of Command)
Clans will be structured in a particular way, with each position within the clan having it's own ranking and chain of command board for members to view and the clan leader to change when necessary.
You can find more information on positions and ranks (as well as responsibilities of each rank) below in the chart.

The Clan Owner/Leader > The Shinzo
The Shinzo is the rank given to the owner and leader of the clan. The Shinzo has the most responsibility out of the entirety of the clan. The Shinzo is responsible for handing final decisions on recruitment, purchasing upgrades for their clan, management members to ensure they are satisfied and well rewarded for missions. The Shinzo (along with the Tekito) will plan missions, communicate with other clans (if friendly) and make decisive decisions against other clans to which members will carry out orders or fight within Clan Battles or Wars.

The Co-Owner/Leader > The Tekito
Along with the Shinzo, the Tekito has an equal amount of responsibility if the Shinzo is not currently active. If the Shinzo is absent, it is at the duty of the Tekito to manage the clan. Usually a trusted advisory or secondary in command of the entirety of the clan. The Tekito will handle the more technical processes of the clan, such as fund distribution, communication and the direct contact for most of the clan itself instead of speaking directly to the Shinzo, the information will be passed to the Tekito to which it is the Tekito's responsibility to pass that to the Shinzo.

The Bosses (Usually four in total) > The Maji
The bosses of the Clan, usually managing the Underbosses and a handful of soldier that are directly under them in rank. A Maji is directly responsible for the operations of the Underbosses (The Shibui) in their operations of traveling, making under-management decisions and helping with operations of war, conflicts and the locality of the clan's surroundings.

The Underbosses (Usually eight in total) > The Shibui
The Shibui, taking directions from their respected Maji over them. Shibui travel with their soldiers (Kanjos) to carry out missions provided to them from their upper-commands, this usually is robberies, battles, conflicts, raiding, allocating funds and earning money for the clan.

The Soldiers (can range any number) > The Kanjo
Kanjos carry out orders from the Shibui, usually small time missions, the henchmen of the operations, missions, allocating funds, robberies, battles, killings, assassinations, and general duties provided to them on a weekly basis, or daily basis (depending on clan activity and posting)

The Recruits (can range any number> ) The Isseki
The lowest rank provided in a clan, the Isseki are directed by all members within the clan of any rank, they are to do tasks and missions until they are given a promotion to Kanjo. Recruits do not make any money, nor do they gain any reputable status within the clan of advancement until given the rank of Kanjo. It is up to the Isseki to earn the respect and promotoin within the clan before reaping the rewards of being within a clan.
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