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Clan System In-Progress

GameMaster | Published fri Jun 30, 2017 12:58 am | 3318 Views

Clan System is currently in Progress


In recent development of the Fukitsuna visual and system overhauls, the Clan System that was attempted in the past is making a return, though with a different impact than we originally had planned. The clan system was brought in to add a fun competetive aspect to the members that participate in our forum and events that we host. The clan system is an optional service that Fuktisuna offers, though highly recommended for those that like the fair bit of friendly competetion. 

How many clans are there going to be?

The exact number of clans that are going to be available is unknown at this time as the clan system is still in it's early development process. Once the development proceeds as scheduled, an exact number could be revealed later this year. 

Are Clans user made, or system made?

The clans are going to be both, we support that members will want to make their own clans and climb the ranks of the Clan System. Most of the clans will be system made at first, though with enough members with enough interest can turn into user made clans to participate in creation. 

Clans? So there will be competition?

Of course! We are going to have a Clans Leaderboard, which clans will compete for numbers through special events that will have its own threads before long. Stay tuned!

Is this required?

No, not at all. We will not force members to participate in Clans, or Clan Warfare. Feel free to say no to invites of the Clan invites. 

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