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Competetive PVP Now Open!

Admin | Published wed Jun 28, 2017 4:02 pm | 606 Views

Competetive Player versus Player now open!

During the opening years of what was Sinister Seven Role-Playing Forums to the now modern Fukitsuna Interactive Role-Playing Forum has unveiled its opening of the Ranked Competetive PVP Threads to all those that wish to test their skills against fellow role-players on the forum. Along with the competetive nature of the challenges, players will have their records tracked through ranked combats with other players, unfortunately for those that have a faulty record in the near future, there is no way to change this record in any way. Though it adds that competetive nature to the conflicts and allows for players to show their dominance with wins. 

How might I particpate in Competetive PVP?

Easy enough question. To enroll you simply have to get in contact with the GameMaster, providing a simple PM with instructions and information regarding your prefered competetive PVP plans with a fellow contestant. Rules will be posted soon enough regarding procedure and how to apply for a Competetive PVP match to take place. Judges will be appointed by the forum to those that cannot have on on hand. 

We hope that the news of this excites you, as it certainly excites us. Look forward for more information released soon regarding Competetive PVP.

-Fukitsuna Staff

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